With modern technology and access to virtual tours of houses for sale Myrtle Beach area at your fingertips, some have wondered if collaborating with a Myrtle Beach real estate agent is still necessary.

The answer is a firm yes!

Thoughts are that if you don’t work with an agent to purchase Myrtle Beach real estate, you will save money on paying out a commission to the agent. However, by not working with an experienced agent, you could lose big when it comes to negotiating the final price and other costs that might come up along the way.

Working with a North Myrtle Beach real estate agent will save you time and money. The National Association of Realtors reports that listing agents help sellers net 22% more on their bottom line. That’s significant! Also, noted in the report, 89% of sellers use a real estate agent to sell their home while 88% of buyers go through a real estate agent to purchase their homes.

Knowledge is a key point in choosing to go with an agent to help you find houses for sale Myrtle Beach area. Experienced North Myrtle Beach real estate agents know their market, have been inside much of the homes for sale in Myrtle Beach that have been on the market and know what is comparable to what you are trying to sell or hoping to buy. They know what is common for an interior in a certain neighborhood and can tell you if homes you are looking at are placed at a fair price considering what it has to offer. For sellers, they can tell you what it is that people are looking for when shopping homes in your neighborhood. Myrtle Beach real estate agents in-the-know can also tell you why certain homes in the same area of beach real estate have sold for prices higher or lower than others as well as which are houses for sale Myrtle Beach area with pool.

A prime basis for going with a listing agent is their marketing savvy. A quality listing agent will have a marketing plan set in place to better position your home for a quick and top-notch sale. They should also have access to a professional Myrtle Beach real estate photographer, or even better, be one. Networking should also be a part of the agents marketing plan. Getting out in the community meeting people, engaging with people—word of mouth should not be underestimated when it comes to houses for sale Myrtle Beach area.

Agents forming relationships with other local agents can help the process of getting access to tour homes for sale in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Not only will it help the agent know sooner what new homes are being placed on the market and therefore can find you homes that better meet your requirements, being able to get in touch with another agent with ease will likely get you in to tour a home quicker and at your convenience.

Ultimately, the Myrtle Beach real estate agent serves as a liaison between the seller and the buyer. The act to represent the needs and desires of their client while using negotiating skills to make that happen. Having an agent represent you during the negotiation process takes the emotion out of the deal which, in return, will land you with a better deal—and fewer frustrations. And, don’t forget, when you’re ready to connect with an agent, don’t just choose one from the online Myrtle Beach real estate listings…that agent represents the seller! Instead, call Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living—best of the Myrtle Beach real estate companies—and you will be matched with an agent that will take care of you and your North Myrtle Beach real estate needs.