If you are thinking of buying real estate along the Grand Strand, the best way to get started building your real estate portfolio is to look for Myrtle Beach condos for sale that are cheap!  Because the area has a high number of these condos – for good reason, Myrtle Beach is known for it’s high level of tourism and those tourists need places to stay on their vacations – the sheer number of Myrtle Beach condos for sale cheap is high.  The Myrtle Beach area consists of many different areas of beach from North Myrtle Beach, to the heart of Myrtle Beach, and down to Garden City, Surfside Beach, Pawley’s Island and even Georgetown.  With all the different choices of location – you are guaranteed to find a large number of Myrtle Beach condos of all sizes, shapes and locations that are for sale and at a cheap price.

Myrtle Beach condos for sale cheap will come is all different sizes and locations in proximity to the beach.  Of course the larger the condo and the closer to the beach, the higher the price.  The cheapest Myrtle Beach condos for sale can be found a few blocks back off the ocean, and of course those that are just efficiencies (basically, a hotel room) will fall at the lowest priced end of the spectrum.  The cheapest Myrtle Beach condos for sale will also sometimes need to be renovated.  Often times, a seller will opt to sell their Myrtle Beach condo instead of investing money in it to make it updated and fresh.  Myrtle Beach condos for sale that are cheap also have HOA dues that you will want to take into consideration.  Of course, many of the newer buildings that have an abundance of amenities will also have a higher monthly due schedule.  After all, it costs money to maintain the amenities.  On the other end of the high HOA fees is the rental income that you could make due to all the amenities that are offered to the potential renters.

For those buyers looking for Myrtle Beach condos for sale cheap, use your Myrtle Beach real estate agent to help you locate the best buildings with low HOA fees or high rental income (to offset the higher HOA fees).  This will help you make the best investment that you can make due to the knowledge that your agent will equip you with.  Once you invest in one condo, don’t be surprised to find that you want to create an entire portfolio of Myrtle Beach condos for sale cheap.  When you purchase a property and find that your rental income can cover your expenses, you are left with a investment portfolio that will pay off high dividends in the future years.