North Myrtle Beach is the area located just to the north of Myrtle Beach and is known as the northern part of the Grand Strand.  Some people like to call North Myrtle Beach the more laid-back and classier sister to Myrtle Beach.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Myrtle Beach, there is a large variety of property in North Myrtle Beach.

North Myrtle Beach is made up of 4 different sections that we call our beaches.  Cherry Grove (the northern tip of beach), Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach, and Windy Hill.  When looking for North Myrtle Beach property, there is more to the area than just the beaches!  There are also wonderful pockets of commercial property, and of course, we have the family-friendly subdivisions and gated communities that people are always looking for as well.  North Myrtle Beach property can range is price, size, location and even topography.  Believe it or not, there is actually some North Myrtle Beach property that has not been developed or touched and is just waiting for someone to buy it and build!  Of course, there is also some North Myrtle Beach property that is waiting for the perfect buyer with vision to scoop up and transform to their ultimate dream home.  Regardless of which kind of property you are looking for, North Myrtle Beach has the ability to deliver your next purchase.

North Myrtle Beach property is perfect for everyone.  If you are just moving to the area to begin your career, perhaps a condo with little to no maintenance is best for you.  If you are a young family, looking for your first home to purchase, we have the North Myrtle Beach property for you, just waiting for you to buy and make it your own.  Perhaps you are looking for North Myrtle Beach property to buy as an investment or as a second/vacation home – we’ve got you covered.  Maybe your retiring and you want to live with the beautiful golf course views for your morning coffee – we can help you with that too!  Whatever your wish is for, we will find you the North Myrtle Beach property that you have been looking for.

Our North Myrtle Beach real estate agents know the area well and can help you find the property that meets all your criteria.  Give us a call today and you will be on your way to finding a North Myrtle Beach property that you can call your own.