As you wake in the morning, surrounded by two of your favorite fragrances in the world, fresh coffee, and the fresh ocean breeze, that is when you know that an oceanfront beach house in Myrtle Beach was the right move.

After a long day at the office, you come home, kick off your shoes and go out and feel the warm sand between your toes as you take a nice stroll before dinner. Or you can sit quietly on your deck or balcony with a glass of your favorite beverage, watching the waves roll in and out with power and grace.

With 60 miles of beaches within the Grand Strand, 10 of those miles belongs to beautiful Myrtle Beach. With an abundance of oceanfront beach houses in Myrtle Beach, it won’t be hard to find your perfect paradise.

Oceanfront beach houses in Myrtle Beach range in styles from the high pitched roof and tall arched windows of the French Provincial to the New England charm of a shingle-sided Nantucket style home. Many of these homes sit on landscapes large enough to host a grand beach party or just a quiet evening of watching the moon dance across the ocean.

The air is so much fresher, and your sleep is so much better not to mention, the active lifestyle of being right on the beach. Yes, Oceanfront beach houses in Myrtle Beach is the right choice for a way of life that brings peace and tranquility to an otherwise stressful world.