One of the major components of the real estate market in Myrtle Beach is condos.  Known as one of the most popular vacation destinations along the East Coast, Myrtle Beach has many various condos for potential buyers to choose from.  Whether you are looking for a retirement home, a starter home, investment/vacation rental property, or a second home, a purchase of a Myrtle Beach condo is a smart real estate decision.  We have many Myrtle Beach real estate agents who are familiar with the various Myrtle Beach condos available in the real estate market and will be able to help answer all your questions about them:  financing, HOA’s, rental programs and restrictions.

One of the major advantages in real estate in Myrtle Beach condos is the availability of the many amenities that are offered, especially in the newer high rise condo buildings that have been built in the area since the 2000’s.  Real estate in Myrtle Beach condos brings choices in amenities like numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, lazy rivers, kiddie pools, fitness centers, and sometimes even on-site bars and restaurants. All the amenities can be factors in your decision to buy real estate in the Myrtle Beach condo market, especially if you are looking for investment property or vacation rental property.  The more amenities that you can offer potential guests, the better as many will be willing to pay a little more for the resort experience.  However, when looking for Myrtle Beach condos in the real estate market, usually the more amenities, the more the HOA dues can be.  The upkeep on some of the amenities can be quite expensive, thus the HOA dues on the resort type complexes tend to be higher than the buildings with just a couple pools and perhaps a lazy river.  It’s all things that need to be taken into account when searching the for real estate in Myrtle Beach for condos.

A good option in real estate in Myrtle Beach condos is an older building that you can get for less money, but might require a little bit of remodeling.  Some of the older buildings haven’t had many or any updates to the units – this creates a money saving possibility for those with a limited budget, especially if you are a handy person and are willing to do some of the work yourself.  The real estate market for condos in Myrtle Beach can be tricky, but with a qualified and knowledgeable agent by your side, the process can be educational, less-stressful and leave you with a great investment opportunity.  Once you purchase your first one, you may find yourself investing in more! Give us a call today and get started.