To protect themselves from expensive repairs after the purchase of beach property for sale is complete, the buyer typically purchases a home inspection on the Myrtle Beach homes for sale they are hoping to buy. Not only does this give the buyer a chance to have the seller fix costly repairs before the deal is done, but it also gives the buyer peace of mind knowing they are getting quality beach real estate.

Doesn’t the seller deserve peace of mind as well? After all, this is a big deal—selling a home. It would be nice to go into this process, as the seller, full of confidence that you know for sure you’re selling a valuable product. Your piece of Myrtle Beach real estate may be another family’s dream.

Beyond confidence though, the seller of Myrtle Beach real estate should purchase a home inspection on their Myrtle Beach property in effort to make the sales and negotiation process more seamless. When the buyer comes to the table with a contingency that a long list of costly home repairs must be completed before the purchase will go through, that could take some time…not just money. Furthermore, if there are major repairs on the bill, the buyer could easily just walk away and you’re back to starting from scratch trying to find interest in your Myrtle Beach real estate.

If you decide to purchase the home inspection on your Myrtle Beach real estate, be prepared to not only spend a few hundred on the inspection and report, but be ready to fork over the money to make the repairs.  Since many buyers want to stay clear from major fixes, it’ll behoove you to take care of business here and fix ‘er up. Costly repairs, that should be completed before you sell a home, might include the following:

Water damage
Issues with the roof or the foundation
Even if you’re willing to make whatever repairs needed when it comes up on the buyer’s inspection report of your North Myrtle Beach real estate, you have to consider the home may no longer look as appealing to the buyer once they find out there are a list of things wrong with it. I don’t think you want to take that chance.

A bonus of buying a home inspection on your Myrtle Beach real estate is that you are not obligated to share its findings with anyone. Once you’ve remedied the issues, there is no need to reveal them.

A home inspection on Myrtle Beach real estate runs by the square feet. On average, you’ll be paying between $300 – $500. Please note that mold and radon testing will be of extra cost, but you may be able to bundle those tests with your home inspection which will save you a little money.

Ultimately, hoping to get an unbiased assessment of the houses for sale in Myrtle Beach, a buyer purchases a home inspection report. It’s going to be done. Wouldn’t you rather have it done by you so you can have leverage when it comes time to negotiation? Call Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living to learn more about why you should purchase a home inspection if you are planning on selling your Myrtle Beach real estate.